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Originally Posted by Tom Henry Racing View Post
Heres one, Chris loaded a child seat in the car, and it was full of Cheerios, so I don't know if he and PQ were snacking on the way home, or if PQ had to ride in the seat!
While I was in the passenger seat I felt like using the booster.

His driver seat goes about an inch higher than mine. :(

Originally Posted by zebra View Post
so he's only making 400? sounds like Tom's slackin'... that or the rags really are still in there

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
......alltho I think Chris is a bit worried about WHY PQ is grinning at him......

.......they've actually been to Mars and back -- and saw the space ship in the town square.......

.........and hopefully they'll have a safe trip home..................

very much looking fwd to seeing them at Camaro5Fest..........
Same here.

It was really neat touring the area. Tom was awesome. He never told us anything funny about you.

Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Apparently he will take your call......... Mine not so much
Yes he did I was there.

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
OnStar can be your friend, you know...

The dude is smarter than the lady though.

Originally Posted by camaropete View Post
Don't feel bad Number 3. We were supposed to meet up, he was going to let me drive his car, we were maybe going to enjoy a cold beverage together. Then, no love here. I think the closer he got to the car, the more he got like this

PQ better watch his fingers...
He needed me too bad. haha I got to drive during the dry part of the trip back.

Way to make me disapointed to get back in my car.........

Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Yeah, God speed, GTA and PQ... That don't mean speed up till you see God!
We made it.

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
And I must give Tom Henry the utmost for the way we were treated!

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