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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
All-seasons are never good enough for winter. Get some new tires, and stop being a bitch, as the poll option says.

Seriously, you can have a little bit of both worlds with all-season tires, but they just don't handle either extreme. You'll do fine on a day with a temperature of 40-80 degrees, but better tires are a necessity by the time your local grass gets frosty or on the hottest days of the year.
The Tires I suggested I ran on my 99 TA for 2 winters and were great in the snow and handled the road as well as the Bridgestone Pole Positions that were on the car when i got it. I drove that car 15 miles to work in a blizzard, when I had people with light SUVs calling in, needless to say I was a bit miffed...

I have been driving cars like this in the snow for 10+ years so its really a non issue, however those cars all had all season tires on them.

Incidentally though my Vette had Kumho Ecsta MX's on it and I basically parked that car when the temperature hit 40 degrees, they were marbles at any temp lower than that! I live in an apartment and I'm tired of doing the 2 car thing, I have 1 garage, so I am constantly fighting for a place to leave my beater (which is in the garage now cause I sold the vette). Especially for, as I said, the 2-3 days a year that it snows here.
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