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There are so many posts about what stripe package is what, I thought we should have a be all and end all thread about the stripes available for anyone ordering a 2010 Camaro.


All Rally Stripes will be installed in Oshawa effective with production the week of August 24, 2009.
• The current Rally Stripes that are offered as LPO - Dealer Installed Accessories will be discontinued as of Monday, August 24, 2009, and replaced by Oshawa installed Rally Stripes.

Black Rally Stripes
Discontinued LPO: VZG
New RPO: C3O

Silver Rally Stripes
Discontinued LPO: VZF
New RPO: C2U

Orange Rally Stripes
Discontinued LPO: VYO
New RPO: C2T

Cyber Gray Rally Stripes
Discontinued LPO: VYY
New and Current RPO: B7W

White Rally Stripes
Discontinued LPO: VYZ
New and Current RPO: B7X

• The Cyber Gray and White Rally Stripes will retain their current RPO code, but will expand so that the RPO is available on all Camaro models (currently, the stripes are limited to 2LT and 2SS models only).
• All orders currently scheduled to be produced the week of August 24, 2009, will have their respective LPO Rally Stripes code removed, and the new RPO Rally Stripes code added. These units will have the Rally Stripes installed at Oshawa prior to shipping to the dealer after August 24, 2009.
• The new factory installed Rally Stripes will continue to be offered as “over-the-counter” accessories, in the event a customer desires the stripes after their vehicle is produced.
• The MSRP for these stripes will remain at $470.

Action Required:
• The new Rally Stripes RPO codes will be available for ordering in “Quick Spec” starting Saturday, August 29, 2009, and the normal Order Workbench Configurator starting Thursday, September 3, 2009.
• Dealers should continue to use the current Rally Stripes LPO codes until the new RPO codes are introduced. Orders with the current Rally Stripes LPO codes scheduled to be produced the week of Monday, August 24, 2009, will automatically be changed by Order Fulfillment to the new RPO codes.
• Dealers should start to utilize the new Rally Stripes RPO codes the week of Monday, August 31, 2009.

- The Rally dual stripes are available in 5 colors (see below for the RPO code)

- The Rally stripes are the dual stripes similar to Bumblebee's style.

- The hockey stick stripes are available in 3 colors (see below for the RPO code)

- The hockey stick stripe package comes with hockey stick stripes down the side, a large stripe down the hood and trunk of the car which is about the width of the raised area of the hood, and a back panel black out treatment decal.

- You can order a combination of any stripe combo and ask the dealer to install them any way you want ie.(Hockey stick stripes down the side and Rally stripes down the hood and trunk, hockey stick down sides only or thick stripe on hood only).

- No hood stripes run past the end of the hood (unlike Bumblebee).

- All hood stripes also run down the trunk lid.

- No stripes run along the roof (please see TXTurbo if you want some built ).

- Vinyl stripes are nothing new. Chevrolet has been putting vinyl stripes on Camaros now for over 30 years with no problems (1977 Camaro Z/28 and on).

- If Chevrolet can use 5 miles of vinyl tape on every 1981 Z/28 they made, I have complete confidence in the product they will be supplying us 25+ years later.

- Both black stripe packages are flat black, not gloss.

- Vinyl stripes can be waxed (except flat black).

- Vinyl stripes can be cleared over with no problems.


Stripes installed by the factory are:

B7W - Cyber Gray Rally Stripes
B7X - White Rally Stripes
C30 - Black Rally Stripes
C2U - Silver Rally Stripes
C2T - Orange Rally Stripes

Stripes installed by the dealer are:

VYQ—Black Hood and Hockey Stripe (flat black)
VYP—White Hood and Hockey Stripe
VYR—Cyber Gray Hood and Hockey Stripe

Click on any link below to view cars of various colors with the stripe package you are interested in:

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