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V6 or V8, doesn't matter, get you some snow wheels and some SNOW tires, not these so-called "all season" tires. If you live in snow country and your state allows them I would get studded snow tires, some people hate them but if you drive them as they are intended to be driven they are great. If studded tires are not allowed then have the snow tires "siped" this aids in traction too. And finally go buy you several bags of "Kitty Litter" and put them in the trunk over the rear axle, 100-200lbs, don't put in so many that the rear end starts drooping. And then if, no I should say "when" you get stuck you can sprinkle the kitty litter in front of your back tires to get you some traction. Also keep in mind that in deep snow conditions that the low clearance of your Camaro is an issue too. I believe the Camaro comes with traction assist or traction control so that will greatly help too.

A rear wheel drive car can, and has for YEARS, get around in snow conditions, maybe not as good as a front wheel drive car, or a 4X4 but ok if you drive them right. The majority of the cars that the police drive are rear wheel drive Crown Victorias and Dodge Chargers.

If you go drag racing you'll most likely get some drag radials for better traction, so why not get the proper tire for winter driving?

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