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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
Any car can be driven in the winter, and GM tested this car in the snow. Whats the real difference that would make a V6 car any more of a daily driver than an SS? Its the same car with a different engine and tires! (yes I know there are other differences, but fundamentally). If you don't hammer the gas you are fine. The only thing that kept me from putting all seasons on my Vette was that its so close to the ground it would be a plow in the snow anyway.
The SS has a different suspension and is closer to the ground than the V6. Just like the vette you had, ITS NOT BEING MARKETED FOR WINTER DRIVING. The v6 is your 'all around' car.

I grew up in alaska, I've driven in stuff that makes anything anyone here in the lower 48 has driven in look like a normal commute (60 below and Ice Fog anyone?) Would I buy a vette or v8 camaro for winter driving? Only if i got another set of wheels and tires for it (and probably not even then with them being so LOW!).
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