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This is turning into an internet argument over how to drive a Rear Wheel Drive car in the snow, and not what I intended. None of these cars are being marketed for winter driving! Its a freeking Camaro not a Volvo!

Listen, I have owned 14 different Camaros, Firebirds, and so forth for many years and driven them through all kinds of stuff. But I appreciate your assertion that I will get stuck, nope sorry never has happened. I dont live in snow country, I live in a part of the country that gets snow 1-2 days per year... seriously... I am going to buy a separate set of wheels and tires for TWO DAYS? This is a problem that can be remedied by a set of all season tires that are perfectly fine for the amount of snow that shows up here. I know this because I have owned similar vehicles, some with worked suspension, of various levels of horsepower and ride height and have driven through everything that the weather has thrown at us out here. You can't even compare the lowered ride height of the SS to a Vette, it still has 3 times the height.

Have you driven and compared Summer tires to a good set of HP all seasons like the PZero Neros? I have, Ive owned more different sets of tires than I can remember. Despite what you may think they are still all Road tires and I guarantee you you wont push any of these to the limits. And if you are, you are driving like a maniac and need to slow down before you kill someone. They aren't a cheap set of Generals, they are still PZeros! When I do race I have separate rims for race tires, so trust me when I say I understand the difference, and I know how to find the limits of adhesion for a set of tires.. I am an avid autocrosser for over 10 years and have multiple regional championships to show for it.

The question here is for those of us who live in an area where $1300 is better spent on a nice new exhaust and air intake than a set of tires that you will need for TWO DAYS A YEAR (I cannot stress this enough), might like an option to have almost the same performance in a tire that's better suited to the climate. Aside from the fact that some of us don't have the storage space for 8 Wheels and tires (race and snow).
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