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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
Well that is probably BS for the simple reason that the system they use to book a car could not handle processing 1,000 orders in 40 minutes.

Also, the Solstice ordering occurred when the car came on-line, not 5 months before with no advertising whatsoever as is the case now.
No BS.. They had a different system for ordering back in 2005 each division had their own ordering system...I know what I am talking about, many dealers couldn't get into the system because it was jammed with dealers ordering.. I followed the Solstice from concept to production, as I have with the Camaro... There has beem much more information available throughout the Camaro development than there was with the Solstice. The first time the General public got a preview of the Solstice was on the Apprentice TV show just before orders were taken(and that is when they announced the orders being taken for the first 1000 Solstices). About the advertizing, I have seen billboards with the Camaro on it for a year now, some even said it was the 2009 Camaro... And dealers around here have been advertizing about taking orders for the new Camaro also... still not a record breaker, but in these times it is a good sign that people want one. I just hope it picks up. The cuttoff date they tell me is October 31st for the "Sold Orders"
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