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Originally Posted by TC View Post
Any group buy's going to be offered?
Probably not unless you're talking about some kind of package deal where a large purchase is being shipped to the same place.
Originally Posted by DaveT View Post
Be very aware of their 20% restocking fee, and you pay return shipping if you do not like the product. Their policy states a restocking fee at their discretion, whatever that means, but it will be from 20-30 percent. Trust me.
We customarily charge 10% restocking fee if you wish for a refund. We always offer the option of no restocking fee if you choose store credit. The only time we charge more than 10% is in the rare case the product was drop shipped by a vendor who charges a higher restocking fee or if there are extenuating circumstances like damaged or missing packaging. Our return policy is posted clearly for your review prior to making any purchases from us and if anyone has specific questions about it, we're always around to answer. If you were charged more than 10% for a return, you're welcome to email me with your order info and I'd be happy to look into it for you.

If you have a list of online vendors that do not require you to pay shipping for returns you send back because you don't like it, I'd love to see that list.
Originally Posted by ajp View Post
How does the body kit attach? OEM bolts, 3M tape, combo?
A combo. Typically there is hardware to support the part and 3M automotive grade double sided tape to simply secure it in place. The front air dam goes over the existing front end and attaches in the wheel well with brackets and bolts and secures across the top front edge with double sided tape. The side skirts are replacement pieces that utilize existing mounting brackets and also use a little double sided tape. The rear fascia is supported with 4 bolts and brackets along the bottom, 2 or 3 in each wheel well area and double sided tape secures it snugly along the top edge to the factory bumper cover.
Originally Posted by Eski7399 View Post
I'll be buying the Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package when it's available.
Thanks. I think this is going to be a popular choice. We appreciate your support and are glad you think highly enough of the product to purchase it.
Originally Posted by Stang_Killer View Post
Do you have to buy the package in order to get the Sinister lettering on the diffuser?
One more thing, will there be a mail slot delete offered?
The Sinister lettering will be available separately for those buying only the rear diffuser. Pricing hasn't been finalized yet so I'm not sure how much it will be.

We currently offer the mail slot delete in the Exterior Accessories section.
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