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All the Synergys have black interiors, right? I would say then a double black stripe would look awesome. I have a double hand painted stripe on mine, bottom is black, top is tan (I have a convertible with a black top, so the bottom stripe matches the top, the top matches the parchment interior). You almost don't notice it, but I think it's a nice accent. I'd imagine it would do the same on yours. (the best pic I have to show the stripe is here: ). Unless...if you have the racing stripes, I'd try to match to those, which also might look good. (if they all have racing stripes, sorry for the duh, just learning about this option package) Or...a darker green and a black (one of each)...Although, I don't think it's too much green

A few random sidenotes-there is a company that sells green fuzzy dice on ebay. They aren't always listed, but they do come up every so often. They are a darker green, but finding anything green that's car related isn't always that easy.

For the ladies-I am a green obessive, I always have green on when we take my car out. I found nail polish that is a decent match, Sally Hanson Emerald City. I think it will be a bit darker than Synergy, but it's worth a mention if any of y'all are as obsessive as I am

Sorry for invading a Camaro forum as a Mustanger, I'm just excited to see more greens (as I said, I'm green obsessive, lol)!!
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