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Showdown: IOM vs Black

I have been debating whether to burden you all with this question, cause I know the decision is ultimately mine... and based on what I like.. BUT that is the problem.. I LIKE both and keep flip flopping each time I see one or the other. Anyway, I figure maybe some of you had the same turmoil when deciding on colors so here goes.

Planning to order me a 2011 2LT RS. I will likely upgrade to the 21" GM wheels the ones mainly silver/chrome with the black accents, and definitely getting around a 20% tint. I cannot come to a firm conclusion between two colors... IOM with black racing stripes VS Black with IOM racing stripes. Now these colors are way apart on the color spectrum, and I have tried weighing all the pros/cons for each. Wondering if there is anybody else out there that was trying decide between these two colors, and what did you decide, and did you wish you had picked the other color? For example, I think the black would look great with those wheels, and like the chrome gas tank door, and the chrome gill inserts... I would also want to switch out the grill on the black because I think it needs some sort of contrast there instead of black on black. On the other hand, black does not seem to show the curves of the car or make you look twice like the brighter colors ( I see a lot of black ones around here), hence IOM. IOM I would not have to do much to the exterior look, maybe still add some gill inserts, the wheels, maybe a heritage grill down the line..and though I've seen IOM at the dealers, I have not seen one on the road since last year. I don't want a "red" car and wonders how much IOM really looks like red on a daily basis, and if this would bother me over time. I have heard that the cool part is it seems to change colors depending on lighting. I've never had a bright colored car before, so not sure how it does with showing dirt, pollen, etc. I wish I could by both and then the problem would be solved, but since that is not the case, I would be interested to hear from others that were between these two. The 2011 info wll be out soon, so I need to make a decision (unless they add some other color that really messes me up on choice). It's so bad that everytime I see a cool picture of one I add it to a folder so that I can go back to the folder and analyze the two in order to make a decision.

So let the showdown begin... IOM vs Black.... what you like, what you dislike, what did YOU choose?

Thanks in advance... I love this site and the people on the site!
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