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Originally Posted by Russell James View Post
Normal for the V-6. The direct injection pump is louder than hell, that's the ticking noise you hear while it's running. You should hear a four banger with direct injection like in a Terrain, you'd swear it has a spun rod bearing.

The several noises you hear after shut off are also a couple of the electronic gizmos up under the hood going through there shut down gyrations. First time I drove a V6 a friend of mine owns, we shut it off after opening the hood and heard all those clicks. I think it's the squirrels locking down their wheels.

Well that makes me feel better! It is amazing how much electronic stuff goes into cars these days. The most advanced part of my grandmothers 91' toyota celica (sp?) seems to be the lights on the radio display or the automatic radio antenna that goes up and down!

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