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You know, it's been A LONG time since our last public "discussion" about this, guys. And I've had a lot of time to think about it.

I want EVERYBODY to know I like GM best, all the way, hands down, okay? Okay.

Frankly, GM is no longer an "American Company". It is an "American Based Company"...still means the same thing, pretty much, but there is a difference. GM is, and has been a global Company, Britain, Australia, India...and more. So saying that the Foriegn car companys need to leave the US (like I have, for so, so long.), is pretty much the epitomy of Hipocracy. Because GM is in other foriegn countrys much like Toyota is in ours.

So badging a car with a nationality, still applys. Depending on where the Company is originally from. It's the same as the nationality of humans. No matter where your "born", you still have roots to somewhere else, and that's what you are!

What I will say, is this: I don't care if GM is the #1 Global car company, because if toyota sells in China, too, then they've got us beat already. China (population) is HUGE. However, as long as GM is #1 in the US, Which I think it is safe to say is true, Then I'm happy.

I will also say, that I still think Toyota and Nissan, and the rest, need to back off a little. It's not fair that they're getting these rumored tax breaks to be here, and our own companys aren't.

Then, after saying that...The fact that GM is still "no. 2", and will remain at least that (what other competition for the top to they have?), is a reflection of how great they really are as a company...overcoming the tax breaks they don't get, and the China population factor - and still staying on top. Cause let's face it folks, "on top" is a figure of speech in this instance: GM and Toyota are virtually equals, we're talking hundreds, or thousands of cars difference that make Toyota "# 1"...they're both #1, but there can't be a tie in the books.

Toyota is a Good company, but honestly, and we all know it, GM is better. Toyota has the wind at it's back, and GM is swimming against the current, yet they are still tied.

To put it in Camaro terms. It's the equivilant to this: The Camaro isn't the best Car in the World, but it's still up there. What more can you ask for?
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