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Originally Posted by Morepwr View Post
I bet all the people with their new "special" green camaros are really happy that they can actually get a car with options in that color now too.
Those special cars also include an interior touch (stitching, and panels...these cars will not.)

Originally Posted by shank0668 View Post
I love the car, but I remember Fbodfather saying something about the Camaro being on top, and it will be, not anymore.
Why so negative? And according to WHO? The editors at MotorTrend? People need to stop letting other people tell them what to believe. Experience both cars for yourself and pick the one that fits you best. Don't worry about who's .1 seconds faster than the's absolutely pointless.

Nevertheless...the Camaro team will NOT settle for "second"...but did you seriously expect them to counter the Mustang in 6 months? Less, even....things take time...especially when it comes to cars.
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