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Originally Posted by 28HopUp View Post
It's hard to understand the logic in that decision. Way to piss off a portion of your customer base.
I for one am soooo glad they made this available for the SS. Will be ordering my synergy green ss later this year.

Camaro Scotty said the 2011 synergy green camaros will NOT come with the green dash/door panels, nor the interior stitching....

Since the color with be an additional 325 dollars, i don't think it will come with the stripes either, unless we pay extra for them. so we don't get the package, just the exterior color, which is fine by me.

I also doubt they will make the green ambient lighting available, unless there is a synergy green interior package that includes the lighting and panels similar the IO interior package. It would be cool if they added green seat surfaces too...

Just happy i can get an SS in this color. my 5 year old loves it!
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