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Originally Posted by verboten View Post
We need to start a campaign to not bring back SY (hopefully they will listen). There are alot of colors on the palet and no reason to repeat something. The european car companies have always been sucessful with limited additions and don't retread something for 10-20 years.
a slap in the face for sure. Not soo limited anymore, i would be pisseed seeing someone roll up with the RS pack, leather or even the V8
couldnt you guys return your cars, and order a new one? Even though its a pain and a hassle oh and complete BS...
I swear Synergy green has only been out for like a month and they already screwed it over. I love the colour, im happy its avaiable on all trims, but they shouldnt have made it a limited edition in the first place, since they did, they should keep it that way
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