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Originally Posted by Eric Baker View Post
Sorry to dig this up but better than starting another thread. I'm having a similar problem, but can't pinpoint the location. Noticed it when cruising near the beach today especially. At slower speeds with the windows open(so I can hear what's going on outside) I hear intermittent squeaking coming from the suspension I think. Not all the time and usually only on smaller bumps. My car has just over 900 miles. Didn't seem to happen until I'd been driving for a while, so maybe the bushings where warm...?
I have had an annoying squeak since day two and I've almost had my car a year. It sounds like it's in the dash or under the hood but it's not. My squeak is the carrier bearing and they have ordered a whole new driveshaft. If you can replicate your noise on a lift with the car started and in gear this may be your issue as well. Good luck
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