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1.Go up to someone, smack them on the butt and say "dangggg, i remember you" then wink

2.Walk up to people making out on the street and yell GET SOME!

3. Ask a fat man when his baby's due

4. Yell in a crowded area "_______ YOU LEFT YOUR UNDIES AT MY HOUSE!!!!"

5. Yell in a school assembly "STOP TOUCHING ME THERE!!!!

6.Walk up to someone and say OH MY GOD i know you, last wednesday night, remember, look them up and down then walk away.

7.At a crowded movie theater, keep yelling at the screen

8.Go up to a sexy guy and say "Thanks for last night" pinch him on the butt then walk away


10.Go up to someone random and say "GUESS WHAT I JUST DID!!! I JUST MADE A POOP!!!"

11.tug their hair whenever possible

12.tug their arm and when they look at you stare straight foward like nothing is happening

13.stand behind them while u talk 2 them.

14.insert finger in bellybutton

15.say meep after every sentence

16.put ur hand in their pocket durring conversastoin

17.pull a straightener out of ur bra


19.stare at their nono area while u talk 2 them

20.comment on the funny feeling u get inside when u see them

21.ask 2 smell their ear

22.rub their leg with ur foot when standing next 2 them

23.crawl through their legs like ur playing tunnel tag while u talk 2 them.

24.comment on the lovely shape of their cheeks (no im not talking about the ones on ur face) hand on their knee cap. don't move it.

26.ask them if they impregnated u

27.ask if they r comfertable with u taking off ur pants

28.remove ur socks and rub their back with them

29.put a price tag on their earlobe

30.while in conversation take our christmas lights and start putting them on everything around and act like everythings normal

31.comment on their nice BASS

32.ask if their wearing moon pants. CUZ THEIR BUTT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD

33.whenever possible grab their nose and let go every time they mention it. then grab it again.

34.when talking to them say excuse me look down your pants and say OMYGOD WHAT IS THAT!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!!! then show them

35.go up and start petting someones cheek and say lovely bone both areas then wink

36.go up to them sniff there hair then walk away

37. walk into a crowded store and say does anyone know any good squatting techniques!!!

38.go up to someone and say omigash i have an itch on my leg then scratch theirs

39.ask someone if they have any spare hair to eat

40.act like a spazz then switch back to normal

41.grab their elbow and yell WEENIS TOUCH up behind an old laddy hug them and yell MOMMY!

43.try to get as close as you can to them without them noticing

44. stare at them for as long as you can, when they get to walk away

45. go up to to a random person, ask them an easy question, like whats 3+4 when they answer yell DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!???? then run away screamin THERE COMING THERE COMING!!!

46. walk up to a random person and say do you like my llama then pretends ones beside you then start talking to it

47.go up to an old man/woman and say are you single then wink

48.act like you think your a famous person

49.pretend your in the mafia

50. whenever you see someone that looks like santa claus go up to them sit on their lap and tell them what you want for christmas
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