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Another Chevrolet SNAFU?

I just closed on a Synergy and will take delivery tomorrow morning.

Very disappointing to read that Synergy Green will not be unique as it will be an option for 2011 all models. :bangdesk:

Chevrolet could easily change the paint formulation more closely to the rallye green metallic - paint code 79 offered on the 69 Z28's

Chevrolet has pulled this SNAFU before to the hurt of loyal dedicated customers who thought they purchased something unique and distinctive. Grand Sport Corvettes are the same - no unique VIN series to set it apart from the standard coupe.

2003 / 2004 SSR buyers and dealers were hit hard when Chevrolet decided to make the LS2 the standard for the 2005 / 2006 models. A necessary improvement - yes!

It is not the same with the Synergy Green Metallic color code.

The production of the color should end on 10 April 2010 with the final production orders for the Synergy Edition models.

"Whatever is spoken or written that goes unchallenged is therefore accepted"

Synergy owners should write John Fitzpatrick at Chevrolet and share their disgust with this decision.

the Synergy

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