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Originally Posted by 2010_5thgen View Post
uuhhhh, i think they plan on having a few there. lets not get all worked up because they have show us 1 of their show cars. either way it looks bad ass and not ricey at all. have you ever see nany of the thousand body kits for mustangs , which are HUGE hits for the mustangs? the wheels are only 1" bigger than the stock wheels, whats the deal with raggin on them? actually it has the brembos on it if you look at the picture. the v6 has 1 piston up from. this has the 4 piston setup.
I was simply making an observation so chill...I was merely pointing out that if they are going to put a bad ass looking black car out there for SEMA, they might as well do it with an SS. At least that way they can back up the statement they are trying to make with all the parts from GM Accessories.

Yes, I've seen the body kits for the mustangs and most look like crap. I wouldn't exactly call them a HUGE hit either. As for the wheels, I was not ragging on the 21's. I like them. My ricer comment was describing people that put low profile tires on big wheels, attach a bunch of plastic (aka body kits) to their underpowered econo cars that aren't able to keep up with the top of the line models when it comes to performance. Drive a top of the line model with all the add-ons and it (usually) isn't as bad. Why? Because they can back up the "performance" look with actual performance.
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