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Originally Posted by MerF View Post
Disclaimer again: I'm 100% supportive of the big-3, GM most of all naturally, but I can't help but scrutinize.

I'm totally ok with being ignorant and wrong, and I have no facts about it, just the little bit I know, so please, I'd love links to support for an argument against. But I look at it like this.

Not too many GMs, or Fords, are MADE state-side anymore. Sure, teh HQ is here...which means...a few admin and exec jobs, but the factory where they are built and the parts that are built for them are not here. THAT'S where Nissan, Toyota, BMW, etc, are getting my over the big 3 right now.
The argument of "well that money's going to overseas companies" only goes so far...the PAYCHECKS are staying here, giving Americans jobs. I respect that more than the big-3 outsourcing the jobs and only the execs reap the money from it.

Just my opinion, maybe I'm completely wrong.
Merf, the assembly process is just on step in building a vehicle. Most of GM vehicles have more than 50% of their parts made in the U.S. then shipped to the plants in Canada and Mexico for final assembly… Whereas, Toyota and Nissan are still importing up to 90% + of their parts to be “assemble” in U.S. plants (Now how can that be clamed as “Made in the U.S.”???). There is a tread on this topic with the percentage of actual “Made in the U.S.” data of almost every major car companies. Can’t find it at the moment…

Just because it’s assembled in the U.S. does not mean the parts where made here…

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