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Originally Posted by SemperFi View Post
I must ask. How in the hell do you have that kind of money? Annd you're working on a Porsche!! As we both know, the USMC isn't a wealth building organization.
Long story, but I've done a lot since I got out of the Corps. I credit a LOT of the success I've had so far in life on the values and traits I either picked up or honed while in the Marines. I'm sure you know LOTS of former Marines have gone on to be CEO's of fortune 500 companies. I'm not a CEO and I'm not a millionaire but I've had some nice jobs here and there. I saved up some money and splurged on 2 serious car projects and that'll pretty much be it! Heh! 2 swings for the fence and 2 homeruns so I can't complain. Paid my own way through Purdue University, lots of technical training and project management experience, both followership and leadership training/experience in the military... some good choices and some luck along the way! No kids, no debt and a good income coupled with a passion for cool cars and a girlfriend/other half thats doing well for herself and likes cars too so she encourages me... I'm fortunate and appreciative of the fact that I am.
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