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Originally Posted by Bond View Post
I'm trying not to nit-pick too much but they could have done a couple of things in a new mould just for the convertible. Examples are that third brake light/ spoiler combo, and the antenna maybe off to the side (moulded for quarter. Ahh... I dunno... had to go someplace I guess.

believe me when i say that lots of other configurations were investigated; this was the best solution in the end.

Originally Posted by brAnd7onX View Post
What are they thinking with that keyhole?? Why not just make an automatic trunk lid opener on your key?? This isn't 1960.

for obvious reasons you dont want the rear seats to fold down like they do in the coupe. thus there's no way to unlock the trunk if/when your battery is dead; therefore why there's a key hole on the trunk just in case (yes, the convertible will be coming with an automative trunk lid opener on the key just like the coupe).
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