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Fellow Camaro Guy Dilemma...

So here's the deal. There's this guy who drives a blue '98-'02 Camaro, I've never met the guy. I only know it's him because I recognise his car. It's definitley a V8, whether it's a Z28, or an SS, I couldn't say - I've never been close enough.

He drives up and down our street, which is a long, 55mph, almost-always-empty straightaway....and every time he passes, he downshifts for a few seconds and so he ends up revving real high and consequently goes a little faster...and louder. I think he does this in front of our house because we live on the zero gradient part of the road...easier on the engine and easier to go quicker... Obviously he just got this car, and is having some fun. There's a 2% chance that he could hurt anybody, and it's not like he's driving that fast all the way down the street. It's only a quick couple of seconds burst of speed and noise.

So here's my dilemma: My mother wants to call the cops on him... As a fellow Camaro guy, I feel obligated to do two things, Tell her not to, because it's obviously a new car, and it'll be over in a few days to a week. Let him enjoy it. The other part says, tell her to go ahead, because that 2% chance is still higher than zero, and besides that, I'd like him not to wreck the car on is after all, a Camaro...

What do you guys think?
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