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Originally Posted by azfan View Post
It's such a big worry. Sport coupes just don't sell anymore. Discounting two door G6's, and Accords, the only sport coupes left, sold in this country are the mustang and Mitsubishi Eclipse. We can only hope. I do put the GTO in a different category. It wasn't sporty enough, and there was no V6 model. There is a built in Camaro audience out there...42,000 i guess. Of course, with no Firebird, roughly 33,000 they were selling a year should go to the Camaro. So , optimistically, that's 75,000 right there. The big concern is whether they can maintain 100,000 sales a year.
These numbers are blowing my mind. A 100K Camaros a year? I know there is a lot of Camaro lovers, but 100K a year. With the economy in the dump and people loosing their homes. I fear that number might be far in between. But heres to dreaming.
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