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I may take some "heat" for my feelings, but here they are;

If I were in your position and had someone repeatedly driving erratically infront of my house, the cops would be notified.

Personally, I admit to having a sort of "fellowship" towards other Camaro owners, but my ties are stronger to my friends and family. Camaro driver or not, acting like a jacka@@ behind the wheel in a residential area is irresponsible and B.S.!

I have the occassional "fly by" infront of the house, (most times if the SS is parked outside or the garage is open and they see the SS inside) and it's almost always an isolated incident. But, there is also a "resident A-hole" who goes out of his way to provoke. I'm looking forward to the day the cops catch this moron.

Driving a Camaro doesn't excuse you from repercussions/punishment for driving like a jacka@@. I say if it continues, call the police.

PS: Your comment about his wanting attention...that's exactly what he's after. Don't give it to him.
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