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I'm coming from a 2004 V6 6MT Accord Coupe to a Camaro (INFERNO ORANGE, BABY). It depends on what you want - I have 70k miles and no problems at all, and I've loved the car - but I'm just so bored of it.

and only does 0-60 in 7.5 seconds which is awfull
I'm assuming he means the 6MT which actually does it in less than 6 seconds - C&D's number was 5.6 which is faster than the Camaro V6. Even mine does it in 5.9, according to them. I think real world mileage on the Accord will be better - I get 31 highway/24 - 26 mixed when it's rated at like 29/23 and that's consistent; the new one apparently says 25 mpg highway but I think it would be more closer to 27 highway/22 mixed?

Handling wise - TOO MUCH TORQUE STEER WITH ALL THAT POWER GOING THROUGH THE FRONT WHEELS. It has decently good handling (poise, body roll). I honestly don't think this is a whole lot more improved on the new Accord Coupe. The weight distribution is also a dismal 62/38 i think.

I was always an import guy (reliability, practical, good mileage). But I have to say, they are too conservatively styled cars to look at and drive and be happy with for like 8 years. The specs on the Camaro impressed me so much that I might say even say "screw it" to gas mileage and get the V8.

Depending on what you want out of the car:

Camaro > Accord Coupe
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