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Originally Posted by Al Robinson View Post
The Corvette has a radio antenna in the rear glass and On-star, but no shark fin mini-disc antenna anywhere. I was told or lead to believe they put the on-star antenna in the side mirrors. I don't see an on-star antenna anywhere on a Corvette. Do you? Just curious. It's missing just like Jimmy Hoffa.
Corvettes On* antenna is at the top of the windsheild on the passenger side, it's the black box you see up there. The XM antenna was relocated to the passenger side view mirror in '06.

Originally Posted by CarFreak2 View Post
With a little tweaking - looks like we have a winner. Sign me up!
GM....Make it look like THIS!!!!

As far as the bowtie freezing, even if it did, surely you'd be using the button to release it anyway right? No one would use the key unless the battery was dead I would imagine.
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