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We have known track times of the 2008 Accord v6 getting low-mid 14's in the 1/4 mile. From what I've seen the Camaro will be right in that ball park. EPA estimates on the 2008 Accord v6 auto are 19 city / 29 highway which is slightly better then the numbers I've seen for the Camaro. As for price, the Base Accord v6 comes in at about $26.5k which is about $4k more then the Camaro. And even though Domestic companies have been getting better at it lately, I'd still give the build quality and reliability score to the Accord.

I don't think these cars will be direct competitors, since the Accord is basically a family sedan and the Camaro is a sport coupe. However that doesn't mean they won't meet on the road

PS. Wow, I just noticed there's a quite a few accord owners on here getting the new Camaro or thinking of getting it.

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