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Wonderful thread

Originally Posted by ITMerc View Post
Long story, but I've done a lot since I got out of the Corps. I credit a LOT of the success I've had so far in life on the values and traits I either picked up or honed while in the Marines. I'm sure you know LOTS of former Marines have gone on to be CEO's of fortune 500 companies. I'm not a CEO and I'm not a millionaire but I've had some nice jobs here and there. I saved up some money and splurged on 2 serious car projects and that'll pretty much be it! Heh! 2 swings for the fence and 2 homeruns so I can't complain. Paid my own way through Purdue University, lots of technical training and project management experience, both followership and leadership training/experience in the military... some good choices and some luck along the way! No kids, no debt and a good income coupled with a passion for cool cars and a girlfriend/other half thats doing well for herself and likes cars too so she encourages me... I'm fortunate and appreciative of the fact that I am.
Well stated! As a former Army Security Agency dude myself, I have the utmost respect for our Marines and all the other Super-Soldiers out there. You obviously represent them well! My Camaro will most likely remain stock, but Hennessey (team) is my aftermarket hero(s) and would have been my choice too. All other Camaros (all years) always turn my head even when I am driving my own. You have one ab-sooo-lutely beautiful and amazingly powerful Camaro. Thanks for sharing. I haven't read all the numerous threads on this site, but this is my favorite thus far.
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