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Originally Posted by Beau Tie View Post
They don't compare.

Comparing the 6 speed manual Accord Coupe to a Camaro is a very legitimate comparison, and it better be because GM needs the Camaro V6 to pull in people who might otherwise look at an Accord coupe, Nissan Altima V6 coupe, and perhaps a Toyota Solara V6 coupe.

For Camaro to succeed, the V6 must hold its own against those others, even the BMW 1 series. You can no longer look at just the Mustang and Challenger as the only competition for Camaro. It's a global automotive market, and Camaro must compete and succeed if we all want to see it make it past this first run of the 5th generation.

Seriously, what other coupe does GM offer with a manual transmission, DOHC V6, and under 30k? Camaro is it.

Forget the old days when it was only the Mustang. In fact, outside of the SS, I don't think it is fair to limit Camaro's scope to just the same old competition.
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