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The MagnaCharger TVS-2300 is the same design used on many Factory SuperCharged built cars.This design seems to be more reliable and long lasting then others,just my oppion.The TVS-2300 delivers power very quick and is the reason many would recommend it on a automatic car.The Procharger style system might give you more power,but it will be higher in the rpm range verses a Maggie.I have been told by someone that has driven a procharged car with 650rwhp verses my car with 537rwhp that my car felt like it had the same or more power.This is a serious drag racer that drove these cars.They are both great units ,but just deliver power alittle different. When you do a SuperCharger install you will tune out the AFM.The TVS-2300 comes with a tune,but I had mine dyno tuned.Whoever does the install can do the tune for you.The TVS-2300 is a bolt on unit with little to no modification.You should be around 8lbs of boost with the stock pulley that comes with the TVS-2300.Stock fuel system will be fine.If you did a TVS-2300 and a Exhaust you should see around 475rwhp.The Transmission and rear end will do fine with that kind of power.I am at 537rwhp on all stock parts and everything is doing just fine.I want to get up around 600rwhp and will beef up the Transmission for that.You can use traction control.You should have no problems getting parts down the road.I was shocked how quiet the TVS-2300 IS.I can't even hear mine at all.I did a Cam install on mine and it knocked my boost back from 8.5 to 5.5.When it was at 8.5lbs I could hear it whine alittle,but not bad.I miss being able to hear it.I had a local High Performance shop do my install and they charged me $7600.00 for everything out the door.I haven't run my car at the track,but have been told by my tuner that it should run low 11's in 1/4. I hope I have helped you some.I will tell you there are alot of guys on here that are experts at this and I just gave you my oppion with what little I have learned over the last year or so.
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