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Originally Posted by iluvmy67camaro View Post
ok, like I said, Bone Stock from GM, absolutely NO MODS!!! Automatic SS/RS ran in manual mode with one click to release traction control. I have NEVER raced before, but love to drive my car fast every chance I get!

So this morning I raced three times against a challenger, hubby twice against a modded Camaro. He beat that Camaro once.

I won 2/3 against the challenger with the following results as my best run straight of the ticket:



Ov/Un... 13354

R/T ... .495
60 ... 2.095
330 ... 5.809
1/8 ... 8.834
MPH ... 81.71
1000 ... 11.403
1/4 ... 13.554
MPH ... 104.97

So tell, how did I do for my first time out in my uber stock SS/RS?


Heading out to the Bleus Cafe (and martini bar) for some pizza and martini's (of course).
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