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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
This thread is why we need a smiley that is slapping another smiley. The Accord doesn't compete in any way with the Camaro. Rarely do I disrespect a car that we compare to the Camaro in any level of seriousness, but the Camaro is better on all fronts.

Headpunter, feel free to have another period.
I honestly think it's a legitimate comparison - for the Accord/Altima Coupe, not sedans (at all). If GM was able to tear me away from Honda to the extent that I'm visiting this site every hour for updates, a new color, a new angle, ANYTHING (and believe me, Honda fans don't go easily), how many more people like me are there? I have NEVER been a fan of the Mustang or Challenger <- retro-revival style wise/engine options - either too much or too little; GM knew they were making this car (Camaro V6) appeal to the import crowd in addition to the muscle fans. All the testing we've been seeing shows they're taking reliability very seriously.
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