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[QUOTE=2010 Bumblebee;1732016]I'd like to put a supercharger on my car someday. So I'm doing the research for it now. I want to leave the car as stock as possible. So I'm looking for a clean, safe, easy install kit. Also, I really don't want to blow up my tranny or rear end, and I don't want to crack my car.

I have a bunch of questions. Please take the time to read my question and answer the ones you know the answer to.

First does the AFM on the L99 have to be turned off? what happeneds when boost for 8 cylinders gets pushed into 4 cylinders when the AFM is on? or are those valves open and just no fuel is being pumped in? If that's the case wouldn't a supercharger dry the cylinder walls? NO, but I would personally

If the AFM needs to be turned off, do the AFM lifters need to be swaped out? NO, turning it off simply stops the signals being sent to the lifters to "lock" in the open position

I like the superchargers that go on the top of the motor mostly for the look. From what I understand the ones that bolt on like alternators claim to get more power because they can run intercoolers or beecause the run cooler. Give me the pros and cons of both types of systems Most of the "hang-off" types are centrifugal and "usually" make their power higher up in the RPM range. I like the Maggie cuz it comes on down low and performs its best in the low/mid range.

Which is the easiest to maintian? and lasts the longest? So I don't have to mess with it?
Set it and forget it ! The Maggie has self contained lubricant and is good for 100,000mi according tot heir website. Most centrifugals recommmend fluid changes at 6000mi and up

What is a SAFE bolt on option that won't blow up anything on my car? Use the "canned" tuned that comes with the Maggie (6psi) and is warranted for 3/36 with longer possible for purcahse (as long as you left the car 100% stock!)

What is a SAFE level of boost for the motor, tranny, and rear end? See previous question/answer

Which kits require no modifications or the least modifications? IMHO, the Maggie

Will the stock fuel system need to be modified for my goals? Not on the supplied tune

Which will i be able to get part for the easiest? and for years? Mggie's have been around the longest and have the greatest numbers out there right now

Can the tranny and the rear end handle it? With the canned tune, no worries

Can I keep the traction control system ?? YUP

Which kits are you all using ? Next month I am getting the Maggie TVS2300

What are your HP ratings?

What do you run at the track?

Is the thing noisy ? I'd like a quiet one.

Who have you purchased from? or would you purchase from?

How much did your supercharger cost you start to finish??

What should I do you reinforce the car first??? See my other thread-
Chassis stiffeners and strut braces.

Any regrets ????

I can give you more feedback after the install next month (May 24th!! )
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