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I pretty much agree with Moose, but I would also add this....if any other neighbors are thinking the same thing as your mom (and some probably are) then that reflects poorly on the rest of the Muscle Car Guys (and Gals), more specifically, the Camaro Crowd. You are in that crowd now and are hoping to add a 5th Gen in the near future. So, if they are thinking that now, add another one or two on the block, do they start calling the cops hoping for some "attention" on the whole crowd? Who knows, but do you want to risk it?

I mean come on, I am pretty much a law abiding citizen, but if a cop were to watch me long enough, I'm sure I could be ticketed for something.

While he wants the attention now, he may not really be thinking about the attention that he is going to draw on himself and on others.

I like Tag's idea of mentioning general speeder concerns rather than singling out one person as well.
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