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I'm glad to have posted that affects me quite a bit each time I see it.

I appreciate all of those that serve our country.

I myself haven't served, but I came close. I was "in the Navy" for about 1 hour. Interesting story. I was going in as a Nuc back in 1986, and had even sworn in. After you swear in, you go to an office where they basically ask you "Are you sure you've told us everything".

My driving record back then was pretty bad, and they were concerned about that prior to my going in. So, I got in by the skin of my teeth. Unfortunately, I got another speeding ticket (80 in a 60) about a week before I swore in.

So I told them about that. They gave me a choice. Leave now or go in as an enlisted non-nuc. I chose to leave. To this day I wonder if that was the right choice.

Originally Posted by "prima"Donna View Post
The video was very moving and it did make me cry....

It reminded me of my Dad, who was a proud WWII Navy Veteran who served in the South Pacific aboard the USS San Francisco...

He died 8 months before I got my Camaro and 3 months before I even ordered it...I wish he was here with me now to enjoy it with me...

While I don't currently have a photo of my Camaro with an American flag, I do have a photo of a flag raised over the firetruck that carried my Dad to his final resting place with a Navy Honor Guard at the gravesite...there was also an American flag on his coffin, which I received...

He was a VOLUNTEER fireman for our local community for 60 years before he died...

I just wanted to share that with all of you after watching the truly moving video that Steve shared with reminded me of my Dad....
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