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Yeah, all good ideas. I've made my decision. But before I say what it is, guess what? The last few times he's done it were at night, or dusk. So it's dark out, and I've only caught a glimpse of his blue tail-end as I come running to see. Hence why I said I couldn't identify the trim.

Well, I heard a rumble and then a roar as he wooshed past again today. Today I had sense enough to wait at the window for when he did. And you'll never believe what I saw:

IT ISN'T A CAMARO!!! :eek:
It's a late '60s early '70s Chevelle, or Impala...It's blue alright, though. Stupid, Stupid. Not only that. But he IS flying down the road.

The police will be notified. I've got friends in the department. Not that that means anything... I thought it sounded cool.
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