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well.. unfortunately - even though i would love a HUD in my car and on the 5th gen i am going to buy...

I find this unimpressive. The vette one was way better in the 97 I saw - and this is just kinda... "meh". Not to rag on the General - I'm usually telling people not to take things so harshly and to wait..but I really hope they do more than just a flash-in-the-pan kind of thing.

The HUD would be way more useful if it showed you speed and tach / gas at the same time, the way a fighter pilot gets to see multiple objects in his view on a HUD..


distractions aside - that is a lot more useful than just a single gagdet that I would have t o flip through. Part of my job as a Web Developer is to think about Interaction Design and I think that - while this is "cool" - it would provide one more distraction to get me into an accident as I find the "knob" to flip the display around to the desired control. Why not just put tach/gas/oil in the corners of the hub and use little lines drawn on the screen coming at you to simulate speed with a 000 readout below it. would give you a more functional display and allow for a safer experience - being that you wouldnt have to flip through the menu to get what you want and also alerting you and giving you more of an idea of your actual speed without having to glance at a number on the dash or stare at a number in front of you (they already do this in some areas with white lines painted on the road)

Just a thought...

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