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We have been talking about it here since we got back and I think you summed it up best:

"What I DO know is this: In 33 years, I don’t know that I’ve ever quite experienced what I did this past weekend at Camaro5fest."

It was the Camaro that brought us together, YOUR Camaro, GM's Camaro, the Camaro life. We are having problems describing to others how perfect a weekend it was. The BEST !! Never such a diverse group that have such a deep-rooted camaraderie. Like one of the guys was saying, this was not a "car show" this was a big family getting together and boy, did we have fun. Perma-Grin is an understatement.

I would also personally like to thank Mike Judge for coming down. He did something very special that I will never forget.

So a million thanks for everything you do and have done. John, Cheryl, Al and everyone was beyond hospitable. You guys definitely over delivered. I think Camaro 5 Fest proved beyond a doubt that a new Camaro legacy has been born. Your legacy.

You are the best Scott.

Thank You.

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