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What a crock of crap!

Everyone cried like a little girl when the camaro arrived with out HUD. Now everyone is crying like a little girl because HUD came out.

One member on here was pretty critical of HUD when he saw the actual configuration, but when shown the video of the original example of HUD in a promotional video (prior to the car even coming out) he thought it was cool. What are the differences? looks the same to me.

I completely agree it needs to be an OPTION! But I just don't see how people can be so disappointed in something they were so passionate about the car not having when it was released. Based on the description of what HUD displays I don't think there is a lot more they can display. It shows useful and meaningful data to HELP YOU DRIVE.

DISCLAIMER: I realize not everyone who has posted was around when the HUD was first discussed, and vice versa.
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