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[QUOTE=2010 Bumblebee;1732016]
First does the AFM on the L99 have to be turned off?

NO, magnacharger's tune leaves it intact, most have my customers including myself have opted to turn it off.

what happeneds when boost for 8 cylinders gets pushed into 4 cylinders when the AFM is on?

Not possible unless somebody really messes up your tune, this tuner should be shot however. I'm not going to get into all the parameters that are required for DOD/AFM to be active but, simply put you will not make boost anywhere near any of these parameters.

or are those valves open and just no fuel is being pumped in?

DOD actually disables the lifters and the injectors, hence killing that cylnder

If that's the case wouldn't a supercharger dry the cylinder walls?

Not the case

If the AFM needs to be turned off, do the AFM lifters need to be swaped out?


From what I understand the ones that bolt on like alternators like procharger and vortec claim to get more power because they can run intercoolers or because the run coolerGive me the pros and cons of both types of systems.

This answer is a complex one. However all of these systems are intercooled and/or aftercooled. If you want my take on this question please feel free to call me. There are benefits to each system.

Does GM honor the factory warantees with the the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Street Legal Kit For Camaro ?
(meaning this one does not void the GM 5y/100,000m warantee)

Not that I know of

Which superchargere is the easiest to maintain? and lasts the longest? So I don't have to mess with it?
Set it and forget it !

Magnacharger all the way

Which one can use the factory airbox? Does anything have to be moved?

Magnacharger, things always have to be moved, ie. we have to move your intake manifold to the garbage can

What is a SAFE bolt on option that won't blow up anything on my car?

There are a lot of answers to this question, It all depends on what your going to do with the car, what octane you have available, how good your tune is etc.

What is a SAFE level of boost for the motor, tranny, and rear end?

Boost is somewhat irrelevant, Efficiency is very relevant, We've made 800rwhp on 11lbs, we've also seen cars have trouble making 500rwhp on 11lbs, in this particular scenario your tranny and rear end would be fine at 11lbs assuming you made 500rwhp, at 800rwhp forget about it. . The moral of the story is horsepower is more relevant than boost.

Will the supercharger be safe to put on a car with 30K to 60K miles on it?


Which kits require no modifications or the least modifications?


Will the stock fuel system need to be modified for my goals?

You will need to upgrade injectors. The Magnacharger somes with that

Which will I be able to get parts for the easiest? and for years?

Magnacharger, vortech, ati, have been around for many years and i don't think any of them are going anywhere any time soon.

Do I need to drill the crank ? and how? is it easy if needed?

Yes you should pin the crank, again the magnacharger comes with a pinning kit. Its a relatively pain free operation, and its hard to mess up with the supplied jig.

Can the tranny and the rear end handle it?

Yes, we've been beating up on theses car and the G8's for several years now and havn't lost one yet. In fact i had my car making 650rwhp on slicks for around a month, car is still my daily driver and I havn't touched any of the factory long block or drivetrain

Can I keep the traction control system ??


Can I keep the stock GM tune??

NO, unless you like holes in your pistons

Are they all liquid cooled ??

The magnacharger is an air to water system, not sure if anyone offers an air to air system yet, but I'm sure it exists.

Which kits are you all using ?

Whatever is right for the customer

What are your HP ratings?

HP is relevant to $. So how much you want to spend = HP, for a million $ I'll set you up with a nice 2000rwhp daily driver on pump gas.

What do you run at the track?

This question is somewhat irrelevant. If i run 11.8's at California speedway, I'll probably run 11.3's at atco. Not mention are we talking about winter or summer.

Is the thing noisy ? I'd like a quiet one.

A TVS 2300 is all but non existent on a stock car

Who have you purchased from? or would you purchase from?

I hear Haddad Motorsports has great customer service, and there prices can't be beat.

How much did your supercharger cost you start to finish??

Feel free to give us a call

Any regrets ???? Final tips or Suggestions ?

My only tip is that anyone with questions regarding any of these boosted systems should give us a call, its what i do for a living, and I won't bs you. There is logic to everything I say and do, and if we Don't know something I'll get you in touch with the guy that designed it.

I think my first step will be to reinforce the car first.
None of the reinforcements should void my warantee, I think.
And they probably need to be done anyway.

The zeta platform is one of the most rigid GM has ever produced and reinforcements are not typically needed unless we're going to push the limits.

Mike Haddad
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