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What C5F did for my son

I brought my 15 year old son to the Fest in hopes that he would begin to really understand what it is to own a Camaro. I purchased him a 1997 Z28 recently and he loves the car but really did not understand all the emotion surrounding this car the camaro. He really got to see first hand how much it really means to so many people this weekend. He now has a new found respect for the car that I hope grows into a life long passion as it has with me. I have all the staff and voluneteers on camaro5 to thank not to mention the GM staff especially Al Oppenheiser.He stopped and talked to me an my son about my car and then offered to come back to sign my car. I then had to get up to the staging area to run the 1/4 and Al found me signed my car and posed for a couple of photos with me. My son was so impressed that he spent the time to find me. That speaks volumes for the type of people that have built the car we all love.

So I say once again Thank you all for what will be some great memories for me and my son to share for a long time to come.
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