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Originally Posted by KatarHol View Post
3rd gen is the worst. I can't believe 4th gen is getting the most votes!! Doesn't anyone remember what a HUGE deal that LT1 '93 Z28 was? There was nothing for anywhere close to the money that could touch it in performance. It was a bigger performance breakthrough in '93 than the 5th gen is in '10. All the magazines loved it,the brochure for the '94 included 2 pages devoted just to quotes from magazines and newspapers about how great it was. It had goofy things wrong with here and there,i owned a '95,but overall that was like somebody dropped a A-bomb on the pony car world. I am living in the Twilight Zone if that's considered the worst Camaro.
The LS1 cars were absolutely amazing pony cars. The only thing GM did wrong with them was to put that weak ass 10 bolt rear-end in the cars.
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