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Originally Posted by Deb's 2SS/RS View Post
Great story!! My husband and I have had Camaros since the 70's and luckily the passion has transferred to our son. In fact, his ride home from the hospital was in the back of a Z28 (not an easy fit for a baby seat, but we made it work- lol). We are always saying that unless someone owns a Camaro, they just don't understand. It is truly a unique feeling to be part of a close knit community that spans the nation.
Thank you and yes is great to be part of this close knit community. what a luck boy to get his first car ride in a Camaro!!

Originally Posted by lsgun View Post
That's awesome! It was great running into you guys there, and the memories and stories are I came home with a new CAI!..Once your son starts Modding that Z28.. the obsessions and passion will start! I look forward to the same mission with my son one day.
Hey it great to see you again. Got to love getting new toys for the ride. The fun of having a Camaro for me now is seeing the spark in my sons eye when we talk about what are going to do to our cars. Sound like you are looking forward to the same mission I am currently on. Enjoy it as much as you can when the time comes there is nothing like it!!
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