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Originally Posted by CamaroSSforme View Post
God almighty guy....did you really need to waste time explaining that the LS9 wouldn 't REALLY make it a Z/28???

Why thank you captain obvious.

The point was that this is what a few expected to be in the Z/28 (or more specifically the LSA)
I don't want anyone to read it wrong and think that a Z28 has been confirmed.

Don't tell people about my secret identity, Captain Obvious, because it will give away my true identity to my enemies.

A lot of people for some reason expected the Z28 to be the LSA or LS9. The problem is that they are expecting it when they should merely be hoping for it. When we put expectations like these on GM, a lot of people get disappointed when the reality is that the Camaro is neither GM's flagship nor the top moneymaker. GM has a lot of other platforms to improve and build before a Z28 becomes a top priority. Hopefully, GM is hugely profitable again in a couple of years, and a Z28 becomes a real possibility. Until then, we should hope, not expect, that GM again builds performance editions, like the Z28.
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