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Question Transformer Edition Camaro Questions

Sorry for a double post as I accidentally started this off in another forum but it belongs here...

A few questions regarding the 2010 TFE edition. First I have seen many different numbers on how many were produced but can't find anyone with a final number. I was told that GM won't know until 2010 model year is complete. Does this sound right?

What were the official order dates when someone could order a TFE camaro and does anyone know the earliest one went down the assembly line?

Lastly is there anyway to reorder a replacement window sticker? I just picked up a used TFE edition and the records I have show GM as the original owner where a GM exec had the car first. The original sticker I have is blank showing only the VIN and mileage, the sticker on the driver's door shows produced in June 2009 before the 4th of July shutdown and was wondering if a GM exec got one pushed through early?

Just trying to figure out what I have....Thanks!
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