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Originally Posted by tnbabyrooster View Post
Great to hear other youngsters were impressed. I too brought my 15 year old son. When I got home from work on Monday he said "hey dad, I've been online, I found the halo lights we need and you better buy the supercharger, the price that guy quoted you was really good!" I hope he does develope the passion. I also hope I have the courage to buy him his own Camaro next year and can afford the insurance. It wont be a '10, but it will be a "camaro".
Go for it get him a nice older one they aren't that bad in price. My son is going nuts wanting to add more power to his now instead of mine but I will be keeping him in check for a while till he learns to handle what he already has.

Originally Posted by RaspyRon View Post
Great story. I brought my two sons with me (ages 26 & 23) and they also felt the passion and respect that camaro owners have for their cars. They met alot of people there and were impressed with the way that everyone was so nice and carried on conversations with them. I know for me it was a long overdue bonding time with my boys. They have not stopped talking about the fest and how they would both like to buy camaros and join the camaro family. was good seeing you again. We need to have another local meet soon.
Great to see you again and any time you can get with your sons is awsome take advantage of it all. Hope you can make it out to the meet robdogg is setting up a AntiVenom in may check out the southeast thread for details.
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