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Originally Posted by CWIweldace View Post
The high wing spoiler is a dealer option, this is the first I've heard anything about mounting holes being different. Doesn't make sense to me that GM would not consider that and use typical holes for both spoilers.
I looked back and found some of Hylton's posts about this:

"Just noticed that quite a few folks are ordering the lower ground effects and wing spoiler for their cars. Problem is that unless you buy a non RS or SS car, your car will require expensive body work on the trunk lid because the Wing spoiler holes are different than the Duck or SS spoiler holes (which your car will come with)."

"According to the Workbook, the high wing spoiler is a dealer installed item. If this is the case, what does the dealer do when someone has ordered it for an SS or RS? The car will come from the factory with the SS spoiler and the dealer will have to fill the SS spoiler holes before making the new holes for the Wing spoiler."

As of now there is no factory RPO for spoiler delete, which would be needed to get an LS or LT trunklid (without spoiler) on an RS or SS Camaro.
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