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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
The spoiler is standard, and the orange you ordered is Inferno Orange. It looks like the Colorado. You may want to switch to Black based on your own preferences.
About the others have noted, I want the high wing spoiler.

As for the I have to go out and look for an orange Colorado and see if it will do...otherwise I will probably go black.

Ultimately, what I was looking for was an orange camaro with flat black stripes (aftermarket so that they go down the bumpers and on the roof) and black rims (also aftermarket because $4k or $5k is a little F#*$ing stupid).

I like the 2 tone interior with the orange on the two front seats, but that whole orange bench in the back seems kinda cheesy. I ordered it but may change it to black.

Too many decisions to make with too many unknowns especially with pricing.

Chevy is just taking this information we're giving them by ordering it early so they can determine the best way to suck us dry. Enough people want a particular option and it will be more than the "leaked" price.
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