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Originally Posted by O-10maro View Post
looks great, but i think you should get rid of the red SS on the original grill. its showing a little
I saw that. I'll fix it.

Originally Posted by KILLER74Z28 View Post
How much HP power.... cough cough cleaning time cough cough did this add...
I know. Buuuuut, I got a 16 year old.

Originally Posted by brandotron View Post
PQ, what are you doing with those trash can mufflers?? At least throw some magnaflow bullets on there!

I just spent a couple grand on a stupid mistake with my finger.

Originally Posted by squatin0n18s View Post
PQ, I think i've said this before somewhere, but your camaro is by far the best looking one i've seen so far imo. Those wheels look sick as ****, if you don't mind, could you pm the price you paid for them?

Originally Posted by edog View Post
That is me in the first pic. I was trying to see what parts I could borrow.

PQ, did you have everything when you made it home?
Hmmmmm, I don't know. lol, but I had all the stickers. lmao

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Wow !

That looks really nice PQ. What a transformation...

...and that flat rim... oh, did I say that?

Seriously, your car really stands out now.

Originally Posted by TIE FIGHTR View Post
Ummm, watcha gonna do with your old rims???
Originally Posted by TaylorRyan74 View Post
It looks good minus the grill imo the bowtie sticks out funny from the side and the chrome makes the car look less aggressive. But the other mods look nice.
I kinda agree. Not sure how I'll play it.

Originally Posted by huggercamaro21 View Post
what are rims? btw it looks awesome.
Savini SV-29s, PM Nine Ball, he can hook you up.

Originally Posted by 2010 SSRS View Post
looks awesome, I really like the SS emblems on the fenders, do they sell them?
Yup. Hit up their site.
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